IMT: Our added Value
IMT is a System and a Concept at the same time, designed to offer a high,
constant and fast integration of a wide variety of technologies and
networking applications, that meet and interact within a common
Our added Value is focused in understanding each client needs' regarding
the efficient management of their IT environment and thus, offer them
the needed solutions in a global and packed way but personalized way.
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What IMT is?
I.M.T. Integrated Modular Technology ©, is a full aggregator, container
and logic cohesive of technologies and network applications, which is able
to embrace and offer a varied range of features, services and advantages
in a flexible, but isolating and safe way.
Its patent open structure and its design leaders make the interoperability
possible with other devices of manufacturers' networking within the
In turn it offers a series of categorized services that satisfy the very
varied needs that arise in the network.
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I.M.T. compiles among other the following items:
Network electronics control, Inverse proxys, OCR document
analysis, MFC system, high availability and lines control,
CRM's, ERP's, firewalls, networked devices detection,
antivirus, anti-spam, P2P and chat blockers, crawlers,
web filters, remote connection systems, backups,
browsing reports, download redundancy control, remote and timed devices run-up,
load balancer, internal messenger, fax, voice IP switchboard, website translation,
peripheral management and control, communication with other devices around,
website accelerators, dynamic cache, DB management and control.
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I.M.T. allows different applications or technologies
with diverse aims and purposes to coexist and interact
closely in order to fulfill several specific needs at once.
I.M.T. offers and integrates VPN PPTP, VPN IPSEC, OpenVPN, VPN
WebSSL, VPN P2P, VPN SSL network Connect, building up safe
connections with remote devices, branch offices, outside partners
or consultants, etc. protecting against potential data theft,
encoding data travelling through the net and decoding it safely
at the final destination user device.
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I.M.T. incorporates and combines synergistically different systems to
secure the safety of the information and the communication that a
Client’s Organization receive, manage and send out, such as:
Captive portal
Firewall Control Layer 7
Intrusion Detection Service IDS
Safety audits
Advanced Firewall of High Security
P2P Blocker
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I.M.T. offers nowadays over 200 technologies & applications available for its
integration, offering to its channels and final users remarkable advantages
such as:
Excellent coverage from manufacturer.
Cost saving in comparison to others with same functions.
Constant integration of oncoming detected needs.
Compiles in a simple, logic and personalized way tough solutions and
applications, easing its management.
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