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Your software is free or private.

Each author chooses when he published his software license type for free or private use. Sometimes the author presents the same software for establishing a dual license either under the conditions of use.

IMTCloud contribute to any project regardless of its license conditions can be promoted.

Our goal is to enable its software to participate with other projects and also provide another channel of commercial distribution in addition to that already own.

To do its software will be integrated into the modular IMTCloud ecosystem (in the event that the license is private is always subject to the payment terms set by the author).

That way if your license is free it will place in the IMT Open Source Edition and private only if the IMT Enterprise Edition.

Contact and provide us with information about the condition of your software for incorporation.

IMT v4.0 - Free y OpenSource.

El software IMT Core v4.0 y los IMT Free modules relacionados a la versión, están publicados bajo la licencia MPLv2.0 (Mozilla Public License 2.0).

Esto garantiza la compatibilidad con las licencias GPLv2, GPLv3, AGPLv3 así como todas las versiones posteriores de estas licencias.

Permite como característica principal que modulos libres puedan convivir con módulos privados, pudiendo si cabe ser parte de una aplicación superior.

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Forums We have a forum to help and to help others.
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Developer resources

Source Code If you look ready to make code changes, we encourage you to do after signing a license agreement partner for your protection and ours. Thus we will prioritize your contributions. The code can be found on Github.

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