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These conditions apply to all orders for telecommunications equipment to be made to INFODESAIN TECHNOLOGY S.L. (Hereinafter referred to as Seller) within the territory of the EU.


1.1. Buyer accepts each and every one of the clauses of these Conditions, except for those that are modified by written agreement with the Seller. 1.2. The validity of our offers is 30 days, unless stipulated to the contrary. 1.3. Orders accepted under pro forma invoice by Buyer not be canceled, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing. 1.4. Including technical or attachment (p. Ex. Drawings, catalogs, etc.), in our offers are approximate. All technical information is property of Seller, reproduction, copy, or transfer to third parties without written permission of this being forbidden.


2.1. The price offered should be understood for material in our factory, with standard carton and all standard quality tests performed. 2.2. The validity of our offers is indicated in Section 1.2, following the same formula of revision proposed by the Seller it may be established. However, these prices may be amended by the Seller if changes in costs occur.

2.3. They will be at the expense and responsibility of the Purchaser all taxes, duties, fees and charges of any kind that may be payable as a result of the sale, transfer of ownership and / or possession of the goods and use the same.


3.1. The agreed delivery period shall begin to run from the receipt by Seller of Buyer's written request, with all the technical and commercial information under. If a payment order has been established, it will not start counting until this has not been made. 3.2. The deadline will be extended, without liability to Seller, for a period equal to the lost related causes of force majeure, understood as all unforeseen events or still planned were inevitable, and through no fault of time to Seller's reasonable control, such as delays or rejections of components, materials or official documents, or inability to obtain labor or means of transport. This extension will take place even after delays which have occurred in the same order, for other reasons.

3.3. Seller has the right to delay delivery or extend the deadline, if the agreed date there have been no advances or interim payments, agreed with the Buyer, as well as the variation of the product characteristics required by Buyer after making the order. 3.4. If the delivery could not be done in whole or in part, for reasons such as those reflected in 3.2, Seller may terminate such supply or consignment warehouse after 15 days from the notice of availability. In this case understood Seller's obligations fulfilled, and the property and risks listed in 3.1 shall pass to the Purchaser.


4.1. The special packaging (other than standard), transport and insurance are not included in the sales price Seller, unless contrary indication in the offer, or the relevant order acceptance.


5.1. The guarantee of Seller's products against defects in materials, and manufacturing, is 24 months from the time of delivery, provided that such defect is notified within two days after receiving the goods and be adequately demonstrated . Seller is not responsible for repairs or product modifications carried out by the Purchaser or a third party designated by it, unless it has been authorized in writing by the first. The warranty presupposes that the goods have been properly maintained, used and installed, is not applicable to perishable components. 5.2. Seller agrees therefore to repair or replace defective products or parts estimated, being replaced in the Seller's property. Transport costs are freight collect.


6.1. Any technical documents (manuals, schematics, brochures, etc.) or commercial (offers and conditions, etc.) Vendor must be treated by Buyer as confidential and may not be reproduced, copied, or communicated to third parties without the express written consent of Seller


Seller's liability, including their subcontractors, for any extra-contractual or contractual claims arising from this contract shall be limited to the price of product or service or component that gave rise to the claim.


Any dispute arising directly or indirectly from this contract shall be submitted to the Courts of Bilbao, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.


9.1. These GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE shall apply to those items for which there is an express agreement in writing against. The conditions of the Purchaser which conflict with these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE, shall be valid only if Seller has accepted in writing.


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